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MVP Interactive Featured in Sport Business Journal

MVP Interactive Featured in Sports Business Journal

Earlier this month MVP was featured in Sports Business Journal for our advancements in experiential marketing in sports venues.  Thank you SBJ for the great coverage and acknowledging our work!

Check out the complete article below from the July 11-17, 2016 issue of Sports Business Journal

JULY 11-17, 2016

How do you get a sponsor’s attention? By putting its brand on a fantastic fan experience and showing the sponsor a great return on its investment with reliable and detailed metrics.

MVP Interactive, which is quickly becoming the premier interactive technology provider connecting big-time brands like Anheuser-Busch and Coca-Cola with sports teams all over the county, is doing exactly this. “We’re providing fantastic, unique experiences for fans and we are creating a return on investment for sponsors,”said James Giglio, founder and CEO of MVP Interactive. “This is the backbone of our business.”

The Philadelphia-based company is at the heart of the experiential marketing trend as sponsors are shifting away from static signage and other traditional forms of in-venue advertising.

Via its cutting-edge technology, MVP Interactive is helping fans interface with teams and brands. The technology includes virtual reality, photo capture, facial and gesture recognition, character morphing, augmented reality and a host of multi–touch technology, providing opportunities at venues such as virtual penalty kick shootouts and home run derbies, an interactive QB Challenge to test fans’ passing ability and photo activation like virtual bobbleheads, team face paint overlays and augmented reality player selfies.

This interactive technology fans may see as the coolest toys ever serves to create brand awareness for sponsors and leverages fans’ passion for their teams. Teams benefit when fans

come to the event early and stay late. The fan experience goes way beyond the game on the field. “It’s a co-branded experience between the property and the sponsor, all to the benefit of the fan,” said Giglio.

For sponsors, it’s easy to see the results. MVP Interactive’s back-end system shows them a true snapshot of how a day at the stadium or ballpark went. “The gaping hole in experiential marketing is ROI data,” Giglio added. “Our technology is able to quantify and track impression rates and traffic flow, and we have an integrated dashboard where we collect user information. The

technology creates a profile of an event space and we can track how many people came through, demographics, dwell time, etc. “That has really caught the interest of sponsors.”

Anthony DiPrizio, co-founder and chief technology officer, explains, “Creating a connected 360-degree overview of users’ experiences ties directly into the growing demand of IoT (Internet of Things).”

MVP Interactive’s technology was featured at the 2013 NBA All-Star Jam Session in Houston, which jump started the company’s relationships with teams like the Houston Rockets, Houston

Dynamo, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Clippers and Philadelphia Phillies. No team’s venue serves as a better showcase for MVP’s technology than the Washington Redskins’ FedEx Field, where the Bud Light-branded Social Lounge gives fans the opportunity to interact with a wide range of the company’s products. Since opening in 2014, the Social Lounge has been so well received that the Redskins and their sponsor keep expanding it.

“It has performed very well,” said Giglio. “Each season the Redskins and AB add new elements to the Social Lounge and then they’ve identified entire sections of the stadium that were completely unused that we helped them activate. So this season, not only are we going to keep operating our Social Longue, we’re going to convert the Bud Light Pavilion into a full-on‘combine of the future,’ leveraging our technology. So fans on the opposite end of the stadium can now participate in this really cool interactive combine experience, where you’re going through the same activities players do during the draft combine – the vertical jump and 40-yard dash, for example.”

MVP Interactive is also helping the Bucs sell season tickets with a virtual reality experience in the team’s sales center. Through 3-D architectural renderings and imaging of Jameis Winston and on-air talent, fans get a virtual tour of the newly enhanced Raymond James Stadium.

“We want the marketplace to see us as the go-to provider for whatever technology they want to implement,” said Giglio, who launched the company in 2012 and just sat on the NFL innovation panel at Bud Light’s NFL Partner Summit, along with A-B, WME| IMG and The Players’ Tribune. “And the market is starting to see us as such. It’s an awesome start.”


The All New Raymond James Stadium Experience featuring virtual reality by MVP Interactive

The All New Raymond James Stadium Experience featuring virtual reality by MVP Interactive.

MVP Interactive is excited to provide the virtual reality technology for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the sale center inside Raymond James Stadium.  Stitching together live video users experience a self guided tour featuring Quarterback Jameis Winston and Team Insider, Casey Phillips. Using a virtual-reality headset and a traditional videogame controller, fans can experience what it’s like to walk around the field and the Hall of Fame Club, a new addition being added the stadium.  Winston introduces users to the team’s new video scoreboards — the third largest in the NFL — from field level.

The presentation integrates virtual reality and video of a Bucs game, showcasing how content will move fluidly between the video boards and the high-def tower video displays in each corner of the lower bowl. The virtual version of Winston also pumps the new sound system, telling users the stadium will be “rockin'” this season.

Get a taste of the experiences here!

MVP is proud to be a part of this first of its kind experiences and we look forward to developing more experiences like this one!



Virtual Reality and the Minnesota Vikings

Virtual Reality and the Minnesota Vikings

Check out the article from SportsTechie highlighting the fan engagement at the Minnesota Vikings New Stadium!  MVP Interactive is excited to be a part of it by developing the Virtual Reality experiences.  Check out the full article and stay tuned for our August lunch at US Bank Stadium!

Minnesota Vikings New Stadium Includes High-Tech Fan Experience With Virtual Reality Activities.

Minnesota Viking fans will have a whole new way of experiencing their team’s history this fall in their brand new venue, U.S. Bank Stadium.

A perk of the new venue is the Vikings Voyage. This is a high-tech, interactive fan experience that will celebrate Vikings legends and showcase memorabilia. The 10,000 square foot, several million-dollar space will give fans the chance to show off their athleticism, educate themselves on the progress of the game of football, and view tributes to the some of the best players in the Minnesota franchise.

Fans will be able to test their skills through trials of shuttle drills, vertical jumps, catching passes using a virtual reality device and crashing into a blocking pad that will measure their impact force. Their results will be tracked through a bracelet that’s equipped with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) system. They’ll be able to compare their results to family members, friends, other Vikings fans and the marks posted by players from the NFL Combine.

“We know we want to tell a story, but first, let’s talk about the technology that’s there and what fun things we can do, so things like virtual reality, for example, to the level we can do that now is kind of exciting Technology is going to trace your body as it jumps in the air or watch if you’re catching a pass, and we expect it to get better,” said Vikings Director of Brand & Creative Erin Swartz.

Viking Voyage

There will also be a Viking ship hull displayed with a projection screen to play archived footage and modern video features to show fans all the great moments in Vikings history.

“This experience center mirrors everything we’ve been talking about with our values system: being progressive, unifying with the community and being relentless,” said Vikings VP of Partnerships Activation and Special Projects Tanya Dreesen.

When it comes to the players, you will be able to find a sculpture of Purple People EatersJim Marshall, Alan Page, Carl Eller and Gary Larsen sitting on a bench with space for fans to sit next to them and take photos. The sculpture is a recreation of an iconic image of the four of them.

Purple People Eaters

One of the newest players to be added to Vikings (and NFL) history is Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter, who was the second NFL player to record 1,000 catches during his career. Carter will receive his own personal tribute in the Voyage through 1,000 chrome-plated footballs that are suspended from the ceiling.

“As an organization, we constantly look to innovate and provide the best fan experience possible, and our approach was no different with the addition of the Vikings Voyage. The Voyage will bring fans together, allowing them to engage with their family and friends while celebrating Vikings history,” said Vikings Owner and President Mark Wilf.

The Voyage is located above the team store and is free for fans, but has a 250-person limit, so fans will need to sign up in advance. It will be open before, during and after all home games and during any Vikings special events.

In addition to the Voyage, the new stadium will have numerous improvements from lighting to its acoustics. The roof will play a helping hand in both of these components, with 60 percent of it being high-technology “pillow-like” clear tiles to allow in natural light and the other 40 percent being metal to help noise echo throughout the stadium. U.S. Bank Stadium will also be almost twice the size of the Metrodome and can hold up to 67,000 fans during Vikings games (the amount varies when it comes to other events).

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, July 22nd with free public tours on July 23rd and 24th.


MLB Opening Day Technology brought to you by Coca-Cola and MVP Interactive

MLB Opening Day Technology brought to you by Coca-Cola and MVP Interactive!  Teaming up with Coca-Cola, MVP Interactive deployed three unique fan experience platforms with the Boston Redsox, Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets. Each team showcased their own technology on Opening Day ranging from our popular Bobble Head MorphingStation in Philadelphia, a farewell Big Papi augmented reality selfie MorphingStation in Boston and a virtual Home Run Derby making it’s debut in the newly designed, Coca-Cola Corner at CitieField in New York. Coca Cola is offering this technology to fans through out the entire 2016 MLB season so be sure to check it out next time you are at Citi Field and be sure to check out the experiences at both Fenway and Citizens Bank Park.  Fans are having a great time and we are excited to see each of the experiences run during the 2016 MLB season!

 Check out the video of all three activation!  



MVP’s Social Lounge at FedEx Field was just named as one of the 10 best Digital Sports Sponsorship Activations by Event Marketers

MVP’s Social Lounge at FedEx Field was just named as one of the 10 best Digital Sports Sponsorship Activations by Event Marketers.

Event Marketers speaks to the shift in Brand spending where sponsorships previously centered on physical assets like naming rights and stadium signage however now. in order to score with today’s super-connected fans, sponsorship activations have gone high-tech, incorporating RFID, 3D, interactive video, social media and more into fan fests and sports zones. Arenas and stadium lounges have undergone a digital makeover as well.

Check out the full article, featuring all 10 activations on the Event Marketer’s site.Sports-digital_BudLight-300x206