We Challenge you to try AR!

We Challenge you to try AR!

by MVP Interactive

Last year we saw Augmented Reality propel into first-in-class experiences across sports, retail, entertainment, and gaming. As we ease into 2021, AR will allow consumers to experience your brand in a more personalized way, enabling you to turn them into brand advocates. 

In retail, AR can increase foot traffic and stimulate purchases, optimizing customer interactions by integrating them in the ad within their existing environment. For example, by simply scanning a QR code with their phone, consumers can virtually try on a shoe, select style options, and purchase.

For sports and entertainment, imagine being able to hologram in your favorite athlete, or celebrity into your living room on your phone, or getting a behind the scenes tour of their new stadium, their crib, or movie set in AR. 

The opportunities are endless to integrate AR into your marketing strategy. We challenge you to stand apart from other brands and create something new, fresh, and engaging. If you have an experience you’ve been thinking about, don’t be afraid to ask us. Just remember – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!